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Our Approach

Going deeper for you and your members

You need your partners to bring their A-game every time. At FlightLine, we bring it.


We’re in your corner every step of the way

There’s a lot on the line when upgrading your course. Especially in your seat. If things go sideways, you take the heat. But we believe improving your course shouldn’t be stressful so with FlightLine you’ve got people behind you.

It’s why we approach every project with a team mentality, committed to going the extra mile to come through exactly as you need us to. For us, our work goes deeper than just golf course construction, we’re here to make your job easy and enjoyable from start to finish.

Bird view of beautiful course.

The FlightLine Assurance

You deserve the confidence of knowing your project is in the best hands, so we created The FlightLine Assurance. Here’s our promise to you:

Exceptional communication

We know that keeping your members in the loop is a big deal. So we’ll make sure you’re covered on all things communication. You won’t be left hanging, we promise. Before your project starts, we’ll sit down and iron out all the details, making sure we’re ready to hit the ground running. After that, it’s non-stop, daily updates from our crew. You’ll always know what work is coming, how the budget’s holding up and if we see any changes on the horizon. If you do need something from us, never hesitate to ask. We’re here to make your life easier, however we can.

Professional staff

When it comes to their golf course, your members expect nothing short of excellence. We’re committed to consistently “wowing” them, and that’s a promise we’re happy to stand by every step of the way. Our crew is seasoned, skilled and proud to do our work the right way. No shortcuts, no hiding mistakes and definitely no settling for just ‘ok.’ To get the best, we only use the best products, materials and equipment tailored to each job. You can trust that our work will look great and last long after we’re finished.

Proper course etiquette

Unfortunately, prime golf season is also prime construction season. That creates a bit of a conflict, we get it. But we promise to go the extra mile to make sure your golfers experience the least disruption possible. We understand the nuances of golf and its unwritten rules and we respect the beautiful game that’s played in these beautiful spaces. Don’t worry about equipment interfering with any backswings or damaging any part of your course. Best of all, we’re detailed, tidy, mindful of our actions and promise to leave everything better than we found it.

Easy to work with team

Life’s too short not to enjoy what you do so we make sure to keep it fun. Make no mistake, you’ll get our best work, but you’ll also enjoy having us around. You can expect easy going crews. Hard workers with great attitudes. We know we’re just one piece of the puzzle so we’re committed to great collaboration with everyone else involved. At the end of the day, we want what’s best for you. If we see a more efficient or economical way to do the job, we’re going to let you know. And if there’s a chance we can make your life easier, or your members’ day a bit better, say the word and we’ll do what we can to pivot our plans to make it happen.


1-year warranty
2-year warranty

Our Process

From initial on-site discussions to getting our crew to work, our process is all about smooth planning, clear agreements, and a final walkthrough to let you flaunt your upgraded course with pride.

Team meeting.

Pre-Project Meeting

We’ll visit your course to discuss the details for your upcoming project.

Project Plan Review

We’ll create a detailed project plan for you to review.
Two workers discussing.

Agreement & Contracts

Once the plan has been approved we’ll sign off on project scope, timelines and key deliverables.

Pre-Construction Planning

We’ll work with you to confirm project schedules, logistics and expectations.
Backhoe digging.

Staging & Mobilization

We’ll mobilize our crew and equipment and prepare your course for the first phase of construction.


Our crew will get to work taking careful consideration to minimize disruption to regular course play and keep you in the loop with daily check-ins and regular quality control measures.

Project Completion

We’ll wrap up the final work, ensure the site is fully cleaned and conduct a walkthrough to finalize any outstanding questions you may have. We’ll then get out of the way and let you show off your latest upgrade!
Bird view of beautiful course.

Get Started

Your next project begins here

We’re excited about the prospect of working together. Send us your project details and we’ll set up a time to discuss how FlightLine can take your course to the next level.