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Give your course a signature look and feel

Our skilled team crafts stunning bunkers for your course, offering challenging play, keeping maintenance easy and ensuring the best playing conditions no matter the weather.

Beautiful golf course with bunkers.

Premium bunkers require meticulous shaping, precise edging, quality sand selection and expert drainage for exceptional results matching your course's standards.


Built for maximum playability and minimal maintenance

Our seasoned, skilled and fully equipped shapers craft every bunker to exacting standards, using only the best materials and practices. We specialize in:

Bunker construction.
Bunker construction.
Precise shaping

All bunkers are shaped to exacting standards according to architect drawing specifications.

Comprehensive drainage

Drainage systems are strategically installed to capture water in the most susceptible areas of the bunker and set up to drain to a working outlet outside of the bunker, ensuring the best water management without maintenance headaches.

Meticulous construction

Bunker floors are meticulously measured for uniform depth, and all finishing work is performed by hand rake to prevent damage to the drain lines.

Bunker with sand close up.
Quality materials

We only use the best sand products, tested and provided by trusted suppliers, for the premium aesthetics and longevity you’re looking for.

Vigorous quality control

Certified BBB installers spray bunkers to precise standards and subject them to rigorous quality control measures, guaranteeing a consistent application.

Superior bunker liners

FlightLine is a licensed installer of the Better Billy Bunker.


A little more about

The Better Billy Bunker Liner

This patented bunker construction method uses a specialized, high-grade polymer liner to create a highly porous and stable bunker base, improving drainage, preventing washouts and ensuring consistent bunker conditions. FlightLine is proud to offer expert installation of this popular bunker liner.

Spraying bunker
Bunker construction
Bunker construction

Hazards can be beautiful. Check out a few of our favourites…

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