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Practice Areas & Driving Ranges

An essential part of every great golf experience

Short game practice areas and driving ranges serve as a gathering place for members to warm-up, fine tune their game and get a boost of confidence for the round ahead. With the FlightLine team on your side, you’re one step closer to creating a range your members won’t want to leave.

Practice areas.

Memorable driving ranges and practice areas require proper shaping and sloping, adequate drainage and top-tier turf that can handle the heavy traffic of daily use.

Driving range bird view.

Crafted with precision for the longevity you need

We bring our tools and seasoned skills over to your practice areas as well, delivering precise craftsmanship on tee areas of any size. Here’s a few of the highlights:

Precise shaping

Each area is shaped with a dozer and laser to maintain consistent grading, ensuring adequate surface drainage and minimizing divot management.

Proper compaction

Subgrade compaction is accurately completed to avoid future settling of the subsurface.

Irrigation testing

Irrigation system is tested to compact the tee mix and confirm the surface is free of any pockets.

Driving range construction.
Driving range construction.

Practice makes perfect…

Next Steps

Getting FlightLine on your side is simple

Your plate is pretty full already, so we’ve kept things easy:

Approve the work to do

We’ll ask our questions and create a plan for you to review.

Welcome the crew

We’ll keep you in the loop as we work our magic.

Unveil the new

We’ll get out of the way and let you show off your latest upgrade!

Get Started

Your next project begins here

We’re excited about the prospect of working together. Send us your project details and we’ll set up a time to discuss how FlightLine can take your course to the next level.