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Cart Paths

The unsung hero protecting your members and your turf

Though often unnoticed, well designed and constructed cart paths limit turf wear and tear, manage traffic flow, enhance player safety and complement the overall design of your course, allowing its natural beauty to shine. 

Cart path.

Top-tier cart paths require expert planning and skilled craftsmanship, incorporating proper slopes, curves, and drainage systems for continued longevity and optimal player safety.

Cart path construction.
Cart path construction.

Carefully constructed for ultimate durability and minimal headaches

When it comes to cart paths, the FlightLine crew focuses on the details so you don’t have to worry about longevity or maintenance issues down the road. Here’s a few of the details on how we construct our cart paths:

Seasoned concrete installation

Recycled concrete base installed with a skid steer and fine- tuned with a tractor.

Precise grading

In areas where water needs to be diverted, grading is fine-tuned with a laser to prevent pooling or washouts.

Proper compaction

Our expert crew thoroughly compact each surface using a vibratory roller, ensuring a firm and consistent base. 

Accurate asphalt installation

Asphalt is applied to exacting specifications based on client needs and requests for the path.

Cart paths.
Installing pavement.

Our cart path services include…

  • Basic cart path installation
  • Interlock cart path installation
  • Natural stone curb installation
  • Manufactured stone curb installation
  • Existing cart path renovation

Guiding you through another great day on the course…

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