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Rejuvenate the high traffic places in the best way

Tee decks are the areas of highest traffic on the golf course so they require the most frequent renovation. With FlightLine’s expert craftsmanship, keep playing conditions safe and your course looking fresh with properly designed and constructed tee decks.


Excellent tee decks require effective drainage, top-tier turf for traffic endurance and making sure each platform is level and safe for both visual appeal and easy access.

Tees courses.

Built for seamless playability and easy maintenance

Our team follows a tried and tested practice to build every tee area to exacting specifications while ensuring ample space to maintain and adjust the tee boxes as your course evolves over time. Here’s a look a few of the key details our expert crew will focus on during your project:

Alignment stakes

Alignment stakes are precisely installed to align the tee with the landing area or green.

Proper subgrading

Tee area subgrades are built in lifts to promote adequate compaction and avoid settling.

Precise grading & finishing

Final grading is completed with laser and finishing work is completed with mat, brushes and/or bunker rakers to give a precise and smooth finish, fill voids and level out any undulations.

Installing grass/sod.
Worker measuring.
Sunset by the tees.

It’s hard to beat the view from here…

Next Steps

Getting FlightLine on your side is simple

Your plate is pretty full already, so we’ve kept things easy:

Approve the work to do

We’ll ask our questions and create a plan for you to review.

Welcome the crew

We’ll keep you in the loop as we work our magic.

Unveil the new

We’ll get out of the way and let you show off your latest upgrade!

Get Started

Your next project begins here

We’re excited about the prospect of working together. Send us your project details and we’ll set up a time to discuss how FlightLine can take your course to the next level.