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Brampton Golf Club

A major course enhancement brings stunning results

Brampton golf course bird view.
Brampton Golf Club elevates course strategy and aesthetics with greenside enhancements and a complete bunker renovation
Brampton golf course.
Brampton golf course.
Brampton golf course.
Brampton golf course.
Key Team Players
    FlightLine Golf Course Construction Team

Teamwork makes the dream work

The main goal of this project was to improve bunkers course-wide, making the course more strategic and visually appealing. At the same time, the design aimed to eliminate the raised areas around the greens, giving them a cleaner and more elevated look while reducing visual clutter on the horizon. This ambitious undertaking unfolded while the golf course remained open to golfers during the spring and summer months. FlightLine and Brampton Golf Club collaborated closely, devising a rotating closure schedule for three holes at a time, ensuring members could continue to play and play safely. We also collaborated seamlessly to address irrigation needs, with the club handling irrigation infrastructure and FlightLine completing excavation and backfilling/compaction. 

We’re proud of our close collaboration with Brampton Golf Club and the amazing results that we were able to achieve, while allowing members to continue to play uninterrupted.

Brampton golf course bird view.

Making members proud

Today, Brampton Golf Club blends challenging play and scenic views in a stunning course any member would be proud of.

Key Features

Extensive tree removal

Trees and stumps were systematically cleared and stockpiled to create space for required course changes.

Total bunker and greenside reconstruction

Over 5,000 m3 of fill was excavated from bunkers, existing mounds and green surrounds.

Comprehensive bunker re-shaping

All bunkers were reshaped, with new interior drainage systems installed, complemented by bentonite clay liners and form board bunker edges. Pro Angle bunker sand was meticulously applied at a depth of 4” to ensure optimal playing conditions.

Extensive sodding

Over 36,000 m2 of bluegrass sod and more than 12,000 m2 of bentgrass sod was supplied and installed. Additionally, over 2,500 m2 of bentgrass sod was carefully lifted and relaid. 

New drainage

900 m of 4” internal bunker drainage and over 1,300 m of 4” outlet drainage was installed.

Bentonite liner installation

Over 5,600 m2 of bentonite liner was installed throughout the new bunkers.

Watch the work take flight

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