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Burlington Golf & Country Club

Key enhancements help take a great course to the next level

Burlington golf course construction.
Burlington Golf & Country Club was looking to elevate their game with brand new greens, tee boxes and a new cart path in this 3-hole renovation project
Burlington golf course.
Bunker construction.
Burlington golf course bird view.
Key Team Players
    FlightLine Golf Course Construction Team

Pulling together to deliver excellent results

Beginning this project in September 2019 brought two major, unforeseen scheduling challenges. An early winter shut down the project in November. We started back to work during the Covid-19 pandemic and we needed to quickly adapt to new restrictions and still finish in a timely manner in 2020. Even in the midst of unprecedented challenges, our team came through in a big way, delivering fantastic results without significant delays. We’re proud of the way our team pulled together and persevered on this project.

Golf course by the lake.

Another step forward

This great course took another step forward by improving player experience, course playability and safety. We’re happy to have played a role in the enhancement and we’re particularly fond of the gorgeous new view of the Hamilton Bay, enjoyed by many golfers on hole #17.

Key Features


All three new greens were sodded with washed bentgrass big roll sod, while bentgrass on native soil was used for the fairways and bluegrass sod for rough areas.

New green on hole #5

The new green was meticulously recreated using surveyed data to replicate the contours of the old surface. 

New greenside bunkers on hole #5

These bunkers were given Flexscape liners, sandbag bunker edges and new internal drainage, with Pro Angle bunker sand installed at a 4” depth.

Enlarged tees

Hole #5 tees were aligned with the redesigned hole and enlarged to accommodate higher traffic.

New green on hole #6

This green was reconstructed in its original location but enlarged and slightly elevated to mitigate flooding from a nearby pond.

New bunkers on hole #6

Two bunkers were constructed using a Bentonite clay liner and a sandbag edge detail, new internal drainage, with Pro Angle bunker sand installed at a 4” depth.

New fairway and greenside bunkers on hole #17

These bunkers were installed with a Polylast Bunker Liner and a sandbag bunker edge detail, with Pro Angle bunker sand installed at a 4” depth.

Discreet new cart path on hole #17

A new cart path was added for safety, strategically hidden from golfers' view.

Watch the work take flight

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